Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Solidarity From Exeter

So...the University of Exeter is in occupation.  Here's an image from the moments after we took the largest lecture hall on campus:

Before I nipped off to take this picture I announced that we'd be quiet (somehow I ended up with a megaphone), and after a couple of minutes chanting we settled in for the end of a math's lecture:

(This is the closest I've been to a lecturer in the midst of lecturing.  She never missed a beat, and we tried to learn about infinity).

For banners my house brought Thoreau (never make English geeks take to the streets):

And some more maths:

And then we marched:

And now we're here:

In the already established traditions of this year's activities it's been nothing but peaceful and no damage has occurred (in fact we've sorted recycling bins, have a no alcohol policy because we've got under 18s from the college (who've been amazing as ever), and arranged to hoover up when we're done...).

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